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The Stag Party

A stag party need not necessarily result in you feeling like the world’s worst the day after. There are many options that will create the right atmosphere for leg-pulling, jolliness and camaraderie without degenerating into overindulgence and uncontrolled behavior.


When planning the groom’s stag party the following are good, fun alternatives to the same old drinking spree which often does not end well. His friends preferences will determine the right choice.

Choose a good quality venue for a relaxed get-together. It is fine to have drinks available, but the party should not be turned into a boozing competition. Have a meal, relax and enjoy each other’s company. The golden secret is to do everything in moderation.

Attend a rugby or cricket match.

For the younger guys paintball is always popular.

Plan a clever prank on the groom that will be great fun, and afterwards reward him with a delicious steak at a restaurant. Do remember that forcing him to drink a lot of booze is not a prank.

A weekend away with the guys on a camping, boating, fishing or hunting trip will definitely be a highlight.

A day at the golf course with good friends could also be very relaxing. It is not necessary to belittle the groom.

Keep the tricks and teasing within limits so that his stag party will be filled with good memories. Instead of the usual stag party, a men’s meeting is a wonderful alternative.

The groom’s father, prospective father-in-law and grandfather can join his friends to declare powerful blessings over the groom and give precious marriage advice that will have a decisive effect on his marriage.


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