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Your guests are here to celebrate with you, now may it fun!

1. Wedding DJ’s or musicians

Hiring a DJ or professional musician is one of the most popular and classic forms of wedding entertainment and we totally understand why. If there is one way to really get the party started at a wedding it’s an entertaining, engaging and lively DJ or musician!

2. Photo Booths

There is a reason why hiring a photo booth for a wedding is so popular, because they are so much fun. Putting on props and taking hilarious photos is not just something that Is fun at the moment, it also creates memories for your guests that will last a lifetime.

3. Ice cream stalls

Everybody loves ice cream and many wedding vendors offer a cute and stylish ice cream truck who can serve delicious and fresh ice cream to you and your guests.

4. Cocktail cars

Cocktail cars will provide you and all of your friends and family with the most insane cocktails – plus, hiring them is an amazing way to include Gin in your wedding.

5. Unusual guest book

Move away from the traditional guests books and choose something totally different. Why not have a wall of polariods which people write their messages and memories on which you then get to keep as your own unique guest book?

6. Karaoke

If your friends will play along with a silent disco, they will definitely like the idea of wedding karaoke. We’ve all endured a bit of drunk k

araoke and we’ve all loved every moment of it so what better place to relive those memories than on your wedding day? You can glam it up with sparkly microphones and some diva lighting.

7. Casino tables

We totally love the idea of including casino tables in your wedding reception. Not only will it totally entertain your guests but it also fits in with two of your fav

ourite wedding themes; black tie weddings and Las Vegas themed weddings!

8. Drinks Tickets

Add some flair to a classic ice-breaker by creating conversation prompting drink tickets. Hand guests a ticket when they enter the reception that says something like, ‘Find someone wearing red and ask them about their best vacation.’ Once they have mingled, they can take their ticket and new acquaintance to the bar to redeem It for a drink.

9. Table art

For a less formal affair, take your attendees back to simpler times with various drawing utensils and paper table covers. Let them talk, scribble and draw while they are sipping cocktails before their meal starts. You can even opt to provide paper placemats and collect them at the end of the evening and save everyone’s doodles in one place as a wedding memorabilia.


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