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The Honeymoon Days

There are no rules and regulations for the honeymoon. The choices for the special time depend on the couple’s personalities rather than tradition.

The most popular honeymoon destinations include sunny beaches, snow-covered mountains and even fairy-tale theme parks.

If you are unsure about what to do, the person who is helping you with the honeymoon arrangements will certainly have good suggestions. A travel package that is an exact fit with your requirements can then be put together.

Where do we start?

Decide together how much you can afford to spend on a honeymoon. Make a comprehensive list of everything, including transport, accommodation, meals and drinks, excursions and activities, gifts, souvenirs, travel insurance and travel documents.

How do you choose?

What are your shared interests? Think about the type of setting where you would most enjoy spending these very special days. An island paradise, action and adventure, a boat trip, a safari, mountains, before a fireplace, in a fairy-tale setting?

How far ahead should we plan and book the honeymoon?

Do you already have a place in mind, or do you have a clue where you’d like to go Contact your travel agent as soon as possible for information about all the available destinations so that you will have enough time to do your own homework. Flights get booked up quickly and the current volatile exchange rates make it very difficult to budget accurately for a honeymoon abroad. Remember there is no need to spend a fortune on an overseas trip. Our own South Africa offers an unbelievable variety of options and yes, local is always lekker.

What information do you need to provide?

The following details are required: a possible destination or one you have already chosen; date of departure and number of nights of your stay; the type of accommodation you prefer; your budget; your interests; seating preferred in aircraft; types of passports; special dietary preferences and/or allergies; medical conditions that the airline or hotel must be aware of. Make sure that your consultant understands exactly what you are require.

Make a booking as soon as you are sure where you want to go. Keep in mind that international rates may only be available 10 months before the planned trip. However, book your places earlier rather than later, especially if you are planning to marry in the holiday season.

What travel documents are required?

Passports that will still be valid six months after your return, visas, proof of required immunizations and travel insurance are essential. Remember to take your marriage certificate along as well. At certain hotels – especially in Mauritius and Zanzibar – you will be eligible for special offers if you produce this document.

When do we have to pay?

A soon as you make a booking for your honeymoon, a deposit will be required, usually equal to the cost of the flight tickets. The outstanding amount is payable about eight weeks before the date of departure to ensure that your documents are issued in time. Remember that the outstanding amount could be influenced by the exchange rate, which means that it will be recalculated on the final payment date.

To provide for a possible price increase, we recommend paying the full amount as soon as possible. Remember that your bride does not have to pay for anything herself.

Be adventurous and surprise your bride with the honeymoon.Make sure that she does not find out about your plans.However, keep in mind that her clothes must be suitable for your destination.


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