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We make use of different activities as metaphor to develop certain skills in our students. Positive attitude and group dynamics as well as leadership and personals kills development.

Our venue is safe and is ideal for School camps,  Grade 8 Camps, Bushveld Camps, Tented Camps, Soccer Camps, Rugby Camps, Netball Camps, Sport Camps, Veldschool Camps, Leadership Camps, Revision Camps, Church Camps, Youth Camps, Day School Camps and Affordable Group Accommodation
Our mission is to provide an excellent facility and outstanding service to assist our customers to achieve their desired outcomes for their camp or conference.
Leadership Camps
Who doesn’t want to get away from all the distractions, disconnect from a media saturated world, get closer to friends and family.
Accommodation with meals 
Private sleeping quarters with bathrooms 
Tuck Shop 
Solar heated indoor swimming pool (Swimming in winter and summer) 
Outside Lapa 
Amenities & Services 
Amenities & Services 
School Camps

Credenda centre is the perfect place to take your school for a veld school camp, take your youth groups on a church camp or for a leadership camp. Adventure camps and sport camps are also held at credenda, providing the ultimate adventure. A selection of camp programmes are available, including programmes for veld school camps, adventure camps, leadership camps and sport camps.

Credenda has a lot to offer. Programmes are custom built around each client's unique needs
Adventure weeks & weekends 
Educational programmes 
Leadership identification and development 
Character Building 
Team Building 
Farm activities with farm animals 
Literia Course 
Obstacle course 
Hiking trails & Bird Watching 
Sport camps (3 Sport fields) 
Big dam with water activities
Educational Camps

Credenda strives to provide a safe, loving and caring environment in which children can be guided and educated.

Educational Camps
Day Outings
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