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Hairstyles for every season

The season in which you decide to get married will play a major role in your choice of a suitable dress, make-up and hairstyle, according to the weather conditions of each season.

Here are a few tips that will make it easier to choose according to the time of the year.


In spring, the freshness of nature is seen everywhere. Spring is associated with blossoms and abundant colour. For this season, a vivid hair colour will be suitable, arranged in a soft, curly style according to your hair length. It can be styled up or down. This style is lovely, but must be carefully dressed so that it does not become limp to soon.

It can also be structured with an extension, blossoms, flowers or leaves that blend in with your wedding theme and the ambience you want to create. Spring is rich in colour and cheerful and its soft shades are very flattering. Use it fully and remember that you will be at the centre of attention.


Remember that it can be rainy and even be very windy in some regions. Your hairstyle must therefore be secure and long-lasting.

Choose your hairstyle products with care and test them beforehand. A good hairspray can also be kept handy to protect the hairdo against the elements. In winter, a soft, warm hair colour usually works well.

If you decide on a combed-up style, a soft extension or interesting hair accessories can look lovely. Take the thickness and length of your hair into account. A few extensions can make a big difference and ensure extra volume.


Autumn weddings are mostly associated with earthy colours. For this season, we suggest soft, natural hair colours. Some brides prefer a single hair colour, but adding more than one natural shade can create a beautiful play of colours.

Autumn is an opportunity to explore a range of suitable styles, from the classic updo to soft, loose curls or beautiful, structured curls held in place with the right products.

Hair accessories can be used, but should preferably not be overdone. If your hair is thin, hairpieces can save the day, especially if you want beautiful curls or an updo and therefore need more volume. Don’t be afraid to work a braid into your hairstyle.


Summer is the most popular wedding season. The hot sunny days deepen the tone of our skin and we can opt for a cooler hair colour. Light, cool and neutral colours and even intense cool colours are marvelous choices for our summer brides. Suitable accessories include motifs with a soft shimmer, pearls or followers as well as pretty hairpins that emphasise your hairstyle.

If you are thinking of wearing your hair loose, just remember that hair in your neck on a hot, humid day could make you feel uncomfortable or even anxious. An upstyle or sideswept style would therefore be preferable. Your hairstyle need not give you a

headache. Do a full trail run a month or two before your wedding, preferably with make-up and your dress. Take some pictures of yourself from all angles.

If you feel unsure or are not quite satisfied, do not hesitate to get professional advice, because you must feel like a princess on your big day!


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