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Lifelong love and commitment

The marriage route is still unknown, but your excitements and conviction overshadow any cynical negativity. Fantastic! For who promises to be faithful forever with the idea that they will fail?

The vision of the prince who takes the princess away to their palace of love and happiness already beckons on the steps of the church…

However, think of the little foxes that creep into the palace and stealthily begin to eat the lovely decorations.

The different ways in which you view life, your temperaments and your thoughts on finances and politics and religion and many other issues will come into play.

There are no shortcuts to a long and happy marriage. It takes hard work to become the right person in the marriage.

Hard work and commitment, yielding and adapting, sometimes me, sometimes you. Statistics indicate that most couples will grapple with marriage problems for six to seven years before seeking help and that most divorces take place in this period!

It is not so much better to enter into marriage well equipped and prepared rather than be blinded to the realities of life by the euphoria of moonlight and roses?

You need only ask your married friends who butt heads from time to time. Being happily married is one of the greatest joys in life.

But truth be told, it does not just happen. I believe your wedding dress has been well planned, requiring regular alterations, adjustments, attention to detail, time and professional assistance. And all this for something you will only wear once! However, the promise you make while wearing the dress is for a lifetime!

It therefore requires just as much committed preparation, getting to know each other thoroughly and developing an understanding of one another’s needs and humanity.

And never think that the answers are obvious! Do you know what your beloved’s views on marriage are? Have you discusses your views on the roles of husband and wife in the home and their different needs? Are his views the same as yours? What about communication and conflict?

How do you feel about each other’s friends and family? Do you feel the same about having children and brining them up? What do you expect from each other when the honeymoon bags have been unpacked?

The point is that you need to ensure that you are preparing for a marriage and not only a wedding.

“I want my marriage to be more beautiful than my wedding”


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