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Credenda Wedding Venue

No matter what kind of brief you are, there’s an online tool for you to help streamline your planning.


You have a million things going on, but you are not fazed – you just have to keep on top of things. That means having a quick overview of everything you need to get done. provides an all-in-one solution for your planning. From finding you dream venue, your dress and suppliers, to a handy budget planner, to-do lists and inspiration gallery, you can find everything you need on its clean interface. They even have you covered for the little things that can slip through the cracks, such as example speeches and toasts.


Wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially if you are not the hostess with the moistest. No worries! These days there are many apps and online platforms that can help wedding noobs like you get to grips with everything that needs to get done for your big day. One such app is WeddingHappy. It’s a coordinator in your pocket. Get started by entering your wedding date and it will set up a timeline for you, with scheduled due dates for bookings and payments, as well as checklists to keep you on track. It also provides an overview of completed tasks and a percentage of how much there is still left to do.


Run your wedding day like a well-oiled machine with this business tool, Trello. This free project-management software lets you create planning “boards” that give you a full overview of everything – from personalized to-do lists categorized into the months they need to be completed, guest-list management and seating charts, to budget planning and a timeline for the day of. Share your boards with your groom, family, wedding party and coordinator (if you have one), so they can check off any items they have completed. This tool gets everyone on the same page for seamless organizing.


You have a tight budget, so going big on your wedding planning tools is a no-no. Google Drive is free and sharable with anyone who has a google account – plus, it’s super simple to use. From spreadsheets to help you plan and keep track of your spending as well as manage RSVP’s and guest list, to a calendar to mark off completed tasks, a contact sheet to store your suppliers details and a place to save your inspiration images, everything you need is in one place, which you can access from any device. The best part is everything is updated live in the cloud, so you never have to worry about someone working off outdated information.


You love nothing more than the smell and feel of a new notebook and writing your thoughts down. You may feel overwhelmed sometimes in a digital world, but there really is something for everyone online. Etsy pintables has a wide range of beautifully designed wedding-planning pintables that you can purchase and download instantly. Everything is laid out for you in a fun way, so all you have to do is go on a stationary shopping spree for a beautiful wedding binder, print out the template and get to checking off the tasks. Bonus: your binder wills serve as a place to keep all those business cards, brochures, quotes and receipts brides tend to stockpile when planning their day.

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