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If buffets and bouquets don’t float your wedding boat, here’s how you can break tradition and have a celebration that truly represents you.


Let’s start with the big one. A floor-length, white gown is the dream for many women, but this tradition is moving more towards, ‘What do I feel most beautiful in?’ If the answer is a black cocktail dress – hell, even a perfectly tailored suit- wear that. As long as it feels like you. Same goes for flowers. They are pricey and get tossed as soon as you leave for your honeymoon. The alternatives are countless; candles, wire, feathers, more affordable greenery, jewels and fabric bouquets, or go for trendy origami creations.


For the most part, gone are the days where the bride’s parents are expected to foot the bill for the entire wedding. It’s just not a realistic ask any more. Splitting the bill three ways is a better option, the bridal couple and both sets of parents. It eases the burden on everyone and also gives you more freedom to have the day you want, rather than have potentially pushy parents impose what they want on you- no more “If I pay, it’s my way”.


There’s no rule about who you choose to stand next to you as you say your vows. If your best friend is a guy, he should be up there as your Bro of honour, or your groom can have a Best Woman. If you have a beloved family pet, include them in the ceremony somehow. Fluffy ring bearers anyone?


Seating and guest-list politics often cause plenty of headaches, so why not go more casual? Create a lounge setting for your reception, this way you avoid the standard round tables where guests have to force conversation with people they may not know. Also if you’ve never met your cousin’s on-off girlfriend, don’t invite her. Plus-ones shouldn’t be expected.


More of a burger-and-beer kind of gal than a frou-frou duck a l’orange miss? Whether you serve sushi and sake, canapés and signature cocktails, or have a tequila fountain (yes, this is a thing!) and feast on gourmet hot dogs, food and drinks is where you can have some fun and show off your personality.

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