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Let be honest, if every bride had it their way, all the money would go to the ultimate dream dress! But you don’t have to sacrifice your vision when budget is a factor. Here are safe, smart ways to save on wedding gowns and bridal-party attire

The term ‘budget’ and what classifies as expensive can vary from person to person, and when it comes to the dreamy outfits, one wants the best dress, suit and bridal party attire one can afford. With endless other items on the expenditure list, it’s important to spend as wisely as you possibly can.


This might not initially sound budget-friendly, but listen to this idea: Buy a more expensive gown in a simpler design, such as a slip dress in a natural fabric, why? It can be dyed and reused as a formal gown that you can wear again and again. This needs to be thought out properly at the beginning, ensuring that even the zips and stitching are in the same fabric. Synthetic fabrics will dye differently to natural ones.

Choosing one expensive item and pairing it with very affordable items is another great cost saving route. If you have always dreamt of a princess dress, pair a tulle skirt with a more affordable, beautiful blouse or top that can be worn more than once. Or use your accessories to dress up your gown. Even veils can be the statement piece – a dramatic veil looks stunning when paired with a simple dress.

There are three things that can make you look like and feel like a bride: a veil, bouquet and a white dress. Have these and you will look and feel like the perfect bride.


Instead of a full suit, mix and match colours and choose styles you feel comfortable in and can wear again with other things. Men’s retailers nowadays offer good quality suits for their bracket and some even offer customizing and tailoring. If however, you will wear your suit again, get one made just for you, but keep the style classic. You can always add trendy shoes and a tie.


The mother of the bride, is the most difficult to dress, as she may feel all eyes are on her. Layering is key, pairing longer pieces over short ones for variety and warmth if the weather is slightly unpredictable. Never underestimate the power of something small, such as a belt or ribbon. For your bridesmaids, give them a colour scheme and style guide to follow, allowing them to purchase their own dresses they’ll be happy to wear again. If you’re going for a more uniform party look, choose a bridesmaid’s dress style that is flexible, so that your girls can reuse their gowns.

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