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Tips for your budget

Credenda Wedding Venue

Rent a cheaper venue.

If you get married on a Friday, the venue will cost much less than on a Saturday. In addition, venue rentals are generally cheaper during the winter months (May to August)

Check what is the minimum number of guests the venue requires. While you may have 50 guests on the list, you may find that the venue requires a minimum of 80 guests on a specific date.

Remember to include the bride and groom when you compile the guest list. The suppliers that have to attend the wedding should also be counted as guests to ensure that seating and food will be provided for them. They need not sit with invited guests – a separate table can be laid for them.

When you agree on the venue hire and the service of a supplier, they will require a deposit. Ensure that you have the necessary funds, so that you will not risk losing out to another client in most cases, the full outstanding amount must be paid two weeks before the wedding.

It is a good idea to pay off the outstanding amount monthly or bi-monthly so that you need not pay a massive amount two weeks before your wedding.

Make sure what the travelling costs of the suppliers will be.

If the ceremony and reception are held on the same premises and the wedding car is not part of the theme, you need not rent a wedding car and can save quite a lot there.

Order the wedding cake in good time and make that the supplier knows for how many people you need to serve cake and when it will be cut and served. If the cake will be cut and served after the church service while your photographs are being taken, it is not necessary to order additional portions at the reception.

Credenda Wedding venue

Flowers are very expensive, especially now because of the drought. Consider ordering fewer flowers, supplementing them with candles or lighting. Different types of lighting are currently very popular.

Gifts for guests can cost a pretty penny. Why not rather use that money to buy something you would like to have or need. Printing a more attractive menu or booking the venue and DJ for an addition hour.

Compare quotations carefully. Read their small print. You must understand them and know exactly what each package includes. When comparing different quotations, check that they offer you more or less the same value for your money.

There are many suppliers in every area of the wedding industry. A supplier with 10 years’ experience will definitely charge more than one with three years’ experience. Keep this in mind when choosing suppliers.

Remember to budget for a marriage officer. Marriage officers require a prenuptial contract drawn up by an attorney before the wedding, signed by both parties.

Choose décor arrangements for the ceremony that can be taken to the entertainment area afterwards. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Venues and DJ’s have a cut-off time for the evening’s activities. Check these cut-off times and ask them early on what they would charge per hour for extending their time.

Check well in time whether some of the guests will need to sleep over. If there are, find out how many people the venue can accommodate and who will pay for it.

A wedding planner’s assistance is very valuable. They love to share their experience and knowledge with brides. Facilitating the arrangements before and on the wedding day and ensuring that every bride’s dream wedding is realized within her budget.

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