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10 signs to confirm you have a controlling father – AKA DADZILLA

Father of the Bride

Daddy only wants the best for his little baby girl. After all, you’re a daddy’s girl!

Have you ever heard these words coming from your father’s mouth? A bride’s father plays a very important role in the wedding as he now has the enormous task of giving his precious girl away to another man. It is understandable that a father would feel betrayed and a little intimidated by the new man in his baby girl’s life. But if you see your father silently lurking near the window, watching you and your soon-to-be approach the house, you need to start feeling a little worried. If he suddenly lunges for the nearest couch to pretend to read a two-week old newspaper – upside down – as you open the front door, your biggest fear is confirmed: You have a Dadzilla in your midst.

So, what are the top 10 signs to confirm you have a Dadzilla?

Your mum admits that she feels left out of planning as your dad is taking over the entire show.

He’s written his speech at least four months in advance.

He knows his letterpress from his laser-cut stationery.

He knows the difference between dusky and blush pink.

When you call your suppliers they say, “Oh, yes, your dad rang about that a few days ago.”

He has a wedding folder, which he keeps on his bedside table so he can check W-day progress at night.

He spends most of his weekends in his garage crafting DIY items.

He emails you at work with “high priority” wedding queries.

He’s on a diet for the first time since his own wedding.

He’s added every distant relative and family friend to the guest list because yours is officially the wedding of the century.

If you nodded your head while reading one or more of the above mentioned signs, it is time for a Dadzilla intervention and the sooner, the better!

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