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WEDDING Traditions

What does it mean?

Engagement Party

The world is a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and religions and all of these play a big part in the different wedding traditions we see today. And just as different trends come and go, some wedding traditions fall and new ones are started. Sometimes different things start as trends and end up staying on through generations as traditional to a wedding ceremony.


An Engagement Party

Usually, couples have an engagement party if the couples’ families don’t live near each other and have never met. This gives both sides of the family a chance to meet, along with friends of both the bride and groom to get to know each other too.

Bridal shower

This is one of those timeless wedding traditions; a fun p[arty usually hosted by the maid or matron of honour. The guests traditionally have been for the women – mother-of-the-bride and groom, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and the female members of the bridal party.

Food can be do-it-yourself, donated or created.

The wedding tradition for the bridal shower has evolved some through to where both the men and women are invited to a “wedding shower”. And in fact, a “wedding shower” could take the palce of an engagement party. It’s still a good idea to keep this party inexpensive and casual.

Bachelorette or Hen party and Bachelor parties

Traditionally, this is the bride’s equivalent of a ‘stag party’ for the groom-to-be and is usually held the night before the wedding. It’s supposed to be the bride’s last night as an available bachelorette and the groom’s last night as a single bachelor.

The Bridal party

If the bride has a sister, she’ll traditionally be your maid or matron of hour. But if the bride has more

Bridal party

than one sister, she may ask her best friend to be her maid of honour and have her sisters as bridesmaids.

The White Wedding Gown

Old wedding traditions said that only a virgin could wear a white wedding gown. But today, bride’s can pick whatever colour they want.

Even brides having a second wedding or vow renewal ceremonies are wearing white wedding dresses, while some first-time brides are opting for antique white or pink wedding dresses.

Pretty bridesmaids in a row

A lot has changed in the wedding traditions for the bridesmaids today too. Now brides are opting for their ladies to be in different colours or different styles, whatever they feel more comfortable wearing. And dress designers have picked up on this trend too. It’s pretty easy today to find one particular dress that comes in a variety of styles and colours. So the ladies look coordinated but may be wearing dresses with different necklines, some in strapless dresses and others with one-strap or spaghetti straps.

Three-Piece Tuxedos for the Groom and Groomsmen

As for the outdated wedding traditions, a lot has changed for what the men wear for a wedding. Some couples stick with the traditional tuxes, while today’s trends are leaning more toward more casual suits and ties.

Church Weddings vs. Civil Weddings

Gone are the days when a couple absolutely must get married in a church. Depending on the wedding traditions in the family, culture or religion, couples can get married anywhere they want today.

The Bridal Veil

Traditionally, the new bride wore a veil that draped down over her face. It was customary that the veil stayed in place until after the vows were repeated. Once the minister announced “You may kiss the bride,” the groom would lift the front of the veil and drape over the bride’s head


The groom can’t see the bride the night before the wedding

Since a lot of couples actually live together for some time before the wedding, this means neither the groom or the bride has to pack and leave home for the night.

Tossing the Bouquet and the whole Garter Tradition

As more couple’s today opt to live together and opt for a more tight-knit community strategy, there may not be that many “available” women and men to even make this whole tradition worthwhile. But obviously, if you’re having a pretty sizable guest list with enough people interested in participating, better be prepared for it!

The Dollar Dance

And finally, the Dollar Dance. There are conflicting opinions about this. Some bridal “experts” say it’s tacky and not that many people are doing it anymore. But if you talk to some DJ’s they’ll say that the guests are expecting it because it’s of those old-age traditions that guests look forward to.

However, if you want to do a Dollar Dance or Money Dance or any other traditional wedding additive, go for it!

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