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Plant the date #plantthedate

The feeling of starting a new life with your soon-to-be is something one cannot explain. It feels like the world is right at your feet and you’re floating on cloud nine; in the arms of your one true love… So, when sending out “Save the date” cards, one would want to make sure your wedding date will be the celebration of the year! To do this, a simple note in the mail with your wedding date on it just won’t do the trick.

You need to be creative when doing this. I know, I know you are practically jumping out of your skin right now to shout “I’m getting married!” to everyone who might listen. But if you’re planning a celebration that will “wow” your guests, why not start off the countdown with a little something extra?

Before digging into the crafting bag to start creating, take a minute to go through the following rules of etiquette when it comes to saving the date:

Send save the date invites six months before the ceremony. Any earlier and you run the risk of your date or venue changing.

If you want to save money, only send them to out-of-town guests and people you know will have to plan far in advance.

They are a must for destination weddings or if your wedding happens to fall on a three-day holiday weekend.

Be upfront about who’s invited. Does the guest receive a plus-one or are you banning children from the wedding? It is important to add this to the content of the card.

Remember to add ‘Invitation to follow.

Don’t forget to add your wedding website URL, if you are planning your wedding online.

Now that you have the save the date etiquette down, you can make use of these fun and creative ways to make save the date cards and crafts!

Write it, save it

When sending out your save the date invites, why don’t you include a coloured pen? This way, your guests have a fun way to write down your special date on their calendars, ensuring they don’t forget!

Plant the date

Consider printing save the dates on paper that can be planted. By the time your wedding approaches, recipients will have beautiful wildflowers to remind them of the event.

Mini canvas and easel

Inflate the date #inflateyourweddingdate

A mini canvas and easel with your save the date printed on it are cute enough to be displayed before, during and after the wedding.

Inflate the date

Adding a deflated balloon to your invite is yet another fun way of reminding your guests of the day! When inflated, these balloons will look super cute with your wedding date written or printed n them!

Knot the date

Adding a 3D aspect to your invite creates a rustic feel and when opened up, a string will be tightened on each end, creating a punny way of saying “I’m getting married!”

Knot the date #knotyourweddingdate

Cookie dough the date

Few things top an edible save the date! It’s pretty much the sweetest way possible to ask your

guests to attend your special day.

Box the date

We all love to receive packages in the mail. Get your guests excited with a tiny box full of adorable trinkets and shiny things.

Whatever you choose to do for your save the date invites, have fun and start counting down the days with your guests!

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