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THE HEN Commandments

Credenda Wedding Venue

Have you been tasked with arranging the all-important bachelorette party? Before you break out in hives because of the sheer immensity of the situation, read the Hen Commandments. The do’s and don’ts list will ensure you throw a party that will leave the bride glowing with happiness – not fuming with anger.

# Thou shalt be organised

Set a day way in advance and give everyone enough time to arrange their lives, plan and be there (with bells on) for the bride.

# Thou shalt organise a night the bride wants

And not what you want… If the bride is a Champagne and strawberries kind of lady, don’t arrange a craft-beer tasting and hot-dog day. Or if she loves to chug back the brew, don’t get everyone together for a high tea. Be creative about your theme and activities, and make sure they reflect the bride’s personality.

# Thou shalt make the bride awkward

It might be a lot of fun to dress the bride up like Borat and make her dance at a traffic light, but the whole reason for the hen party is for her to stop fretting about the wedding for a second and to have a blast. You don’t want her dying of embarrassment and wishing she was folding 700 paper frogs with Aunt Margaret instead…

# Thou shalt not assume the bride wants a stripper

It’s not a bachelorette bash without some strippers! Ever heard that gem? It’s rubbish, ladies. It can leave some conservative brides in tears. Find other ways to spend the money, unless your bride has specifically requested one (or three).

#Thou shalt take others’ budgets in account

Nobody wants to feel pressured to spend more that they can afford on a night out or a weekend away. Before you make the plans on the party, and then set a budget.

# Thou shalt discuss the list with the bride

You can keep everything a surprise, but not the guest list. If you leave out someone important, the bride will have to deal with the consequences.

# Thou shalt involve others

Yes, you might be the maid of honour and the bride’s BFF, but that’s not to say no one else can get involved in the planning. Be open to ideas and offers of help, and delegate where possible.

# Thou shalt relax and enjoy thyself

Being the person in charge can be stressful, but if you are not enjoying yourself, neither will everyone else. Relax and let the party come together.

# Thou shalt get everyone home safe

If you’re hitting the town and painting it red, organise Ubers or a shuttle for everyone. You don’t need any drama close to the wedding.

# Thou shalt not post ugly photos on Facebook

Ban phones and any postings to Facebook or Instagram on the night, and keep any dodgy photos to yourself. Waking up with a hangover is one thing. Waking up with a hangover and your night blasted all over the “Gram is another…

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