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How to … choose a hairstyle

  • Before deciding on your hair, you need to know what your dress is going to look like. Whether it’s a romantic layered gown, a simple elegant sheath or a fun, flirty frock, your hairstyle should reflect the mood your dress embodies. Browse through bridal magazines and websites for ideas, and keep in mind the time of year and venue for your wedding – long tresses in 30°C heat may start to look bedraggled before you’ve finished your vows.

  • Start discussing your thoughts and ideas with your hairstylist at least six months before your wedding day. This will allow time for a fringe to grow out, for damaged hair to be repaired or time to experiment with a colour change. Having high-lights done the day before your wedding is asking for trouble.

  • Bigger is not necessarily better – that elaborate headpiece you spotted in a magazine shoot is likely to look absolutely ridiculous in real life.

  • Decide whether you’ll be wearing a veil or not, and plan your hairdo accordingly. Bring your veil to your hairdressing appointment, and practice moving around in it and lifting it.

  • Check which products your stylist plans to use – chemical – fragranced helmet hair will make you miserable, as will products that don’t hold well.

  • Listen to your hairstylist. You may want ringlets but if your hair is dead straight, there’s a chance they won’t last more than a few hours. Be realistic.

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