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Gift Registry is the way to go

Why is a gift registry important?

For two reasons:

  1. When setting up a house together, your taste will be your own and sometimes they are quite particular – so a Gift Registry is a good way of making sure you get what you really want.

  2. It also avoids the awkward problem of receiving duplicate gifts and having to make exchanges or returns.

Credenda Wedding Venue

How does one set up a Gift Register?

Simple – you can register for free. Once you have registered you will be taken to your own private registry interface where you can start to build your own Gift Registry by adding products from the site. You then give your guests the link to your page and they choose a gift to purchase for you online.

What should brides-to-be keep in mind when setting up the registry?

Keep in mind that it’s best to go for classic items that won’t date, make sure that there are products on the list that suit every budget, and try to create a mix and match selection that fits with your own unique style.

How long before the time should the Gift Registry be set up?

A Gift registry should be set up 3-4 months before the wedding.

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