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6 Questions to ask your cake maker

How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?

Most bakers have more than one client at time, so they will need to make your cake three to four days before your wedding day.Also, if your design is complicated, they’ll need a few days to make your sugar-flower secret garden.Does this mean you will get a stale cake?A few days in advance won’t impact taste or look – and bakers keep the cake in the best conditions to keep it fresh.

Who will make my wedding cake?

Everyone works differently, whether it’s a mom-and-pop set-up with one person doing everything or a sophisticated bakery that outsource the fondant work and decorations.Find out how many people work with the baker and who exactly will be making your cake.The number of people involved should not effect the quality of your cake, but it’s good to know who to talk to when you change your mind about the unicorn-studded icing.

Fondant or buttercream?

Fondant. Some say it is so 2000, others think it’s the only way to make a wedding cake.Depending on your preference, find a baker who either specializes in fondant or buttercream.If you have your heart set on one type of icing, make sure your baker can work with it before signing anything.

How are your wedding cakes priced?

Does your baker cost the cake by size? Slice? Flavour? Complexity? Tiers? Filling?What a conundrum!Make sure that you understand how your baker prices the cakes, so that you’re not left with any surprise charges at the end.

Do you provide cake stands?

Most bakers have a variety of cake stands that you can rent for a day, taking one extra thing off your to-do list.See if they have pictures so you can choose one that will best match your cake and wedding décor.

What’s the delivery process?

It’s best to have the cake delivered to the reception.Most bakers will charge a delivery fee, so ask them from the start and factor it into your cake budget.Also ask if they’ve delivered to your wedding venue before – if they have, they’ll be able to navigate their way around easily.If not, find out what details they need from the venue (think service entrance, kitchen access for last minute touch-ups, ect).

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