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Wear it like a man

Casual wedding

The Bush or Beach (or casual) groom

  • Ah, Safari and beach weddings! Yes, they still require a well-dressed groom, albeit a more casual one.

  • Khaki trousers and white shirt are timeless and werk well at both locations.

  • If you’re wearing a suit, make sure it is light and cool. We suggest that grooms wear an unconstructed jacket with lining to ensure lightness and breathability. Classic linen trousers with generous leg space are ideal.

  • If you’re planning a beach wedding you could wear shorts instead of trousers with a blazer.

  • Open-collared shirts or ones worn with a bow tie in a striped or gingham are an option too (jackets required).

  • Go barefoot or wear flip-flops on the beach. In the bush, veldskoene – one of the biggest menswear trends at the moment – are the shoes for you. Choose a coloured pair for a fun touch.

  • Panama hats are stylish, but don’t go too colonial or you’ll exude that Out of Africa look too much!

  • No pith helmets and leopard print in the bush, no tropical-print shirts on the beach. Save them for the bachelor party.

  • Rolled-up sleeves look better than short-sleeved shirts. They just do.

  • If you plan to wear a boutonnière, avoid all shell ornaments, porcupine quills and guinea fowl feathers.

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