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Wear it like a man

The quirky groom

  • These days, the groom’s outfit can reflect his personality and style.

  • The trick is to mix classic basics with quirky accessories. For example, flat caps and braces look fine when worn with white shirts and khaki trousers at a rustic-chic wedding. Wear them with tweed jackets, however, and you suddenly resemble Lord Grantham’s shooting party in Downtown Abbey.

  • Smart cardigans and crew-neck jerseys worn with ties or bow ties are forecast for weddings, but be careful of that English shooting party look…

  • Trainers worn with suits… yawn, it’s so overdone. The same goes for the bride wearing wellies under her wedding dress.

  • Humorous items of clothing were once amusing, but socks with “HELP ME” on them or shirts with “GROOM” sewn on the back are just plain cheesy. Have your initials sewn onto a shirt cuff or the inside of your jacket collar, but that’s about it.

  • Remember “cool” quirkiness is all about subtle touches: think unexpected pops of colour, a fun bow tie, coloured jacket linings, Panamas, flat caps, braces and waistcoats (not all of them together!).

  • Mismatch the groom and groomsmen: miss up accessories but keep shirts and trousers the same, or wear different styles in similar shades of the same colour.

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