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Wear it like a man

Gentlemen, your wedding is the one day in your life when you want to look your best. Our guide will get you to the ceremony on time in stylish attire that reflects your personality and the formality of your big day.

Semi-formal groom

The semi-formal groom

  • There are few things more dashing than a man dressed in an impeccable suit, so make sure yours is the best one you can afford and that it fits your body perfectly. “An ill-fitting suit can cause major distress; it looks awful and is uncomfortable – people will notice.”

  • And a suit that is too short might as well be fashion suicide.

  • If you’re having a suit custom-made by reputable tailors the results should be exceptional. But you can make as strong an impression if you buy a suit off the rack (keep an eye out for seasonal sales) and have a tailor give it a few nips and tucks.

  • Get your measurements done and try on a few styles. Note: this will take longer than an hour.

  • A three-piece, slim-fitting suit is definitely in demand at the moment, but obviously not everyone can pull off a trim fit. That is why it is essential to dress for your body shape and not the trends.

  • When it comes to suit colours, go for black, charcoal, grey, pinstripe or stylish navy, which is popping up everywhere.

  • If your wedding is in spring or summer, choose a lightweight suit fabric and neautral hues (navy, grey, beige) instead of black. Never wear a white suit (unless you are Olivia Palermo’s supermodel beau)

  • You need a classic shirt and a great tie. Bow ties are fashionable right now, but the trick is to wear one in your wedding colour or one with a subtle print on it, like dots (not bear mugs or rugby balls!).

  • If the wedding is more casual, you could ditch the tie and wear an open-collared shirt with your suit; ditto the groomsmen.

  • Coloured or patterned socks, cufflinks, a stylish watch, a belt to match your shoes and classic sunglasses are great accessories. Your favourite cycling sunnies are not going to cut it.

  • You can wear brown (not tan) shoes with a navy suit. Otherwise, black brougues or loafers only. Again no boots allowed!

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