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That Floral Feeling

Farm style vintage wedding decor

Flowers have been used over the ages to express admiration, love and adornment. There’s something so captivating about a brightly coloured bunch of blooms, and if you’ve ever walked past a flower stand, you are almost always forced to a stop and take it in (perhaps sneaking in an Instagram pic while you are there, too).

Many years ago, brides would carry a freshly scented bouquet down the aisle – but the purpose of the flowers was not to make them look pretty. As baths were a luxury afforded few-and-far-between, the extra perfume went a long way to mask the bride’s body odour. Nowadays, flowers and greenery are often used to add to the theme and atmosphere of a wedding, be it an ethereal ambience or rustic rendezvous – but they can also suck up a major chunk of your budget.


Greenery, greenery and more greenery. That, with the addition of floral accents, can help your budget in a big way. Also think about opting for only local and seasonal florals. Other ways to spend less on blooms is to prioritise where you want to spend your cash. For one bride, the altar décor may be the most important, while for the other, the centrepieces are essential. Find a florist who will work with your vision and budget. It’s about prioritising what you spend your budget on. Bouquets can be pricey, and unless your style is a cascading bunch, consider going for fresh flowers from a farmer’s market or quality store and putting it together yourself. These can be done the day before or on the day with your bridesmaids – put them to work!

Romantic country wedding decor


On the day, do you need to ensure that vases and buckets are provided for your florist? Do they need florist tape or wire? Make sure you know all of these things before, so that you’re not stuck in a tight spot. Your florist should be supplying the vases. They know plenty of industry suppliers who can source the perfect vases and vessels for your day. Some florists will include the vases in their floral centrepieces quote, while others prefer to quote separately for décor hire.


If floor-to-ceiling flowers are not quite your style, and perhaps seem a little too traditional, there are endless other ways to make your reception and ceremony captivating and elegant. Think hundreds of pillar candles in various sizes staggered along the tables, softly lighting up a large banquet hall, instantly making it romantic and intimate.

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