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Farm wedding

We’re totally spoilt with a wide array of wines

to choose from in South Africa. But with that,

comes the conundrum of what to opt for. Crispy, fruity, zesty, heavy chocolate, white or Cab Sav…

WHITE: We recommend you choose a crisp Sauvignon Blanc for your white-wine-loving guests. It’s a light, medium-bodied and easy-drinking option that everyone can enjoy. Avoid desserts wine, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc, as many people do not care for the sweetness, oakiness and acidity respectively

Country wedding venue

RED: Choosing a red wine is even trickier. Pinot Noir would be our go-to vintage. Unlike most red wines, it is light-bodied, fruity and earthy, making it an enjoyable sip for the pickiest oenophile. Stay away from Cabernet Sauvignon and similar full-bodied reds because its bold, dry flavour profile is an acquired taste and isn’t an easy drink if your guests intend to go all night.

BLUSH: A little something in-between never hurts! Choose a blend that embodies the bold earthiness of a red as well as the refreshing crispness of a white wine.

SPARKILING: We get it, it’s pricey. But you still want to toast your new adventure with a glass of bubbles in hand, right? The solution is simple. But a bottle for each table to be enjoyed during your speeches – and leave it at that.

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