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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

91. Mention the honeymoon. Some resorts only charge the bride half price for accommodation.

92. If the photographer you have in mind is too pricey, find out what his or her packages includes. You can always get the pro to take ceremony and couple pics and ask a reliable relative to take snaps of the reception.

93. Book early - the early bird gets the best honeymoon packages.

94. Don't bother with the fancy schmancy limo. By the time you and your hubby arrive at the venue, everyone is probably inside.

95. Use a family member's posh car instead of renting one.

96. Don't have the car that took you to the ceremony wait for you all day - hourly rates will pile up.

97. Keen to keep it intimate? You might want to consider a destination wedding. Many popular destinations have special packages and it will cut the guest list right down.

98. Ask for a discount. The worst that can happen is that they can say no.

99. Instead of individual favours, have a chocolate cart or candy bar and let guests fill up a paper bag with treats for the trip home.

100. Borrow jewellery or accessories instead of shelling out for something new - it can be your "someting borrowed".

101. Cut the extras.

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