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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

Guests dancing in a Country Wedding venue

81. Dead set on having a videographer? Get him to record the ceremony, the speeches and the first dance. You don't need a video of your drunken uncle doing the chicken dance.

82. DJ's typically charges less than a live band, so nix the tring quartet and give the DJ a must-play list of songs.

83. Hook up your ipod to your venue's sound system instead of hiring a DJ.

84. Edible gifts are always a hit - think pretty packets of homemade fudge.

Farmstyle Thank you gifts

85. Forgo the favours entirely, or give one to each couple instead of each guest.

86. Shop the post-Christamas sales for more affordable gifts.

87. Postpone your honeymoon. The Seychelles are lovely all year round, so rather wait a few weeks or months, avoud the crowds and save on everything from airfare to accommodation.

88. Book online. Sites allow you to compare hotel prices - keep an eye out for specials.

89. Stay close to home. You don't have to jet off to the Caribbean islands to have a memorable honeymoon - SA has some gorgeous spots.

90. Check sites for travel packages and deals.

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