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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

60. Use mirror podiums here and there - this will make the flowers look more profuse and the candlelight will reflect beautifully.

61. Keep cost down by creating low arrangements and choosing low candles, votive candles or pillar candles in cylinders instead of candelabras.

62. Use bud vases and single blooms to create a beautiful story on your table.

63. Find a pic of that perfect dress and take it to a local seamstress. She might just be able to recreate it for you at a fraction of the price.

64. Always liked the look of your mom's or your gran's wedding dress? Ask her if she kept it - with a few alterations, you might be able to revamp it.

65. You might be able to afford that embellished dress of your dreams if your designer uses glass beads instead of Swarovski crystals.

66. Don't just shop at bridal stores - you might just find a gorgeous dress in the evening wear section of a department store. Who cares if it's not white?

Farm weddings

67. When it comes to centerpieces, think outside the box.

68. Ask about specials - some formal-wear stores will give the groom a discount if his groomsmen are also renting their suits from them.

69. Limit your attendants - you'll save a lot on bouquets, boutonnieres, dresses, shoes and suits.

70. If your dress is long, skip the expensive shoes. No one will see them.

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