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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

Summer farm weddings

51. If you use one venue for the ceremony and reception, you will save on-site fees and won't have to pay for transportation to both spots. But if you have to hire in all the chairs and decor, book a local church instead.

52. Set up a dream registry instead. That way guests can help you pay for your dream dress, sponsor a part of your honeymoon or help you buy furniture.

53. Zhoosh up a simple dress with a contrasting sash or beaded belt.

54. Avoid dresses from luxe materials like duchess silk or imported lace.

55. If you are not sentimental about owning the dress, consider hiring one.

Rustic decor

56. If you wear a size 6, 8 or 10, keep your eye out for sample sales - it is a great way to get a designers dress for less.

57. Check out sites like Gumtree for gowns that have been worn once.

58. Spend more where it counts. Splurge on your bouquet and reception flowers and save on the bridesmaids' posies and ceremony flowers - they will only be seen for and hour tops.

59. Use flowers that are in season and readily available. For instance:

January: Hydrangea, Celiosa, Rose and Sunflower.

February: Chrysanthemum, Marigold.

March: Lisianthus and Cluster rose

April: Carnation and Iris

May: Tuberose and Iris

June: Snapdragon, Cimbidium orchid

July: Blushing Bride, Protea Varieties

August: Protea Verieties

September: Poppy, Daffodil, Spring Flowers

October: Lace flowers, Peony

November: Gladioli, Lace flowers

December: Lilies, King Protea, Pincushions

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