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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! Continued

Credenda Wedding Venue

41. Pare down the florist by creating bouquets and buttonholes yourself.

42. Put rose petals in a basket, and have your bridesmaids pass out handfuls just before tossing time - that way you don't have to buy petal holders.

43. Use flowering branches instead of blooms - a springtime arrangement of blossoms can look very chic.

44. Use interesting, inexpensive foliage to fill out a lean arrangement.

45. Use less expensive flowers at the base of the arrangement and showcase pricier ones in a more prominent position.


Outdoor wedding venue

Instead of getting your heart set on a specific type of flower, ask your florist to choose the best bargains available in your colour scheme.

47. Don't stock up on "bargains" such as cheap candles or ribbon before you have actually decided on the look of your wedding. Every bit adds up!

48. Flowers too expensive? Rose petals, bowels of floating candles, clusters of votives or lanterns look very atmospheric.

49. Become a bargain hunter. Create a mix-and-match look by shopping at the local flea markets for interesting containers and bottles.

50. Work out a schedule for the big day and try to stick to it so you don't end up paying overtime fees for a waiting limo or a photographer who hasn't taken any family pics yet. Venues charge quite a bit extra if you stay later than agreed.

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