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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

Shabby chic farm wedding


Transfer inexpensive wines from their original bottles into decanters, so no one can inspect the label. Or, place jugs of fruity sangria on the tables.


Avoid the big holidays. You’ll pay a lot more for flowers if you are buying them around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas.


Stop at the nursery. Low wooden boxes, silver tins, fragrant herbs such as mint, lavender or chamomile will add a rustic touch.


Buy your blooms from flower wholesalers and ask a florist to do the arrangements, so they only charge for the labour.


Sharing is caring – if another couple is using the church or reception venue just before or after you, consider splitting some of the costs.


Opt for a cupcake tower instead of a wedding cake. That way everyone gets their own individual portion

and there is no cutting fee.


Instead of carrying a big, lush bouquet, pick a few dramatic stems, like sunflowers or calla lilies, tied with ribbon.


Skip the bridesmaid posies altogether and give them beautiful fans or helium balloons to carry instead.


Filling an entire vase is pricey, but floating a few lovely dahlia heads in a low crystal bowl looks very romantic.


Keep ceremony flowers simple – place a striking arrangement up front, where all eyes will be.

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