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Your wedding ring

Credenda Wedding Venue Farm wedding ring inspiration

Buying an engagement ring or

wedding ring is a big decision. It is a symbol of your special and exclusive relationship, and marks the start of your marriage… the start of your life together.

Here are some tips to choosing a ring:

The ring must suit the bride’s hand. Some widths create the illusion of a broad finger, while other styles can be used to make your fingers look longer and daintier.

The ring must suit the bride’s lifestyle. Some precious stones are more brittle than others and should preferably not be chosen by a bride who works with her hands often. Take the bride’s occupation, hobbies and habits into account.

Some bride’s prefer to get engaged with a ring designed by their fiance's, while others prefer to design it themselves. A good alternative is to get engaged with the unset precious stone. This will still surprise the bride, and she can also have a say in the design.

Using colourful stones can give the ring a unique character.

Engrave the inside of your wedding rings with a special message to each other.

Credenda Wedding Venue Farm wedding ring inspiration

Decide whether you want your ring designed especially for you. Some couples find it more convenient to buy a ring from a jeweler's stock – such a ring is available immediately. However, if you decide to have the ring designed for you, you know that it is unique and matches your taste exactly. It is also easier to budget for a ring that is designed especially for you.

Credenda Wedding Venue Farm wedding ring inspiration

It is important to choose a jeweler who understands you and your ideas to ensure that the ring turns our precisely the way you want it to. It is essential to use a jeweler who will support you in your decisions, but who also has a creative touch.

Rather buy from a jeweler who belongs to the Jeweler Council of South Africa. The certification offers protection to customers.

Invest in some lovely earrings or a necklace. It will complete the bride’s outfit in the most elegant way possible and these jewels will become family heirlooms.

Insure the rings as soon as possible. Accidents do happen, no matter how careful you may be.

Try to take your jewels to a jeweler every six months to keep them sparkling and beautiful, and have the jeweler

check your settings to make sure that the stones are still securely mounted and do any repairs necessary.

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