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Forever Flawless

Flawless foundation for a farm wedding

Shade Selection

DO test your foundation in a natural light and do not test it against your hand or arm, your face is rarely the same colour as the rest of your body.

perfect shades for a country wedding

DO visit your beauty counter and try on a couple of shades. Pick the one that disappears into your skin. Measure it against a lighter and darker tone. Never judge a shade by its bottle.

DON’T ever try to change tone of your complexion with foundation. Picking a darker shade to make you appear more tanned, for texture, will only leave you looking a mess!

DO remember that your skin tone lightens in winter and darkens in summer, so you may need to adjust your shade slightly according to the seasons.

DO establish your skin’s undertone. Pale skin that burns easily has a pink or cool undertone, while darker or sallow skin has a yellow or warm undertone.

DO get excited by the wider choice of foundation shades available these days. Dark skin no longer have to look ashen or grey and pale skins don’t have to appear orange. Beauty houses have broadened the colour spectrum when it comes to foundation so there is no excuse not to find your perfect match.

TIP: Millions of women are now celebrating the long overdue developments in dark skin foundation shades. As darker skins are usually oilier by nature, it’s best to opt for a lightweight formula. Whe it comes to the colour choice, the same applies across the board: id you’re unsure about the colour, it’s the wrong one. Simple.

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