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Farm wedding

Still not sure what big-day blooms to choose?

These colour cues might help...

Blue The colour of the sky and ocean, blue is considered calming, strong, trustworthy and dependable.

Green Synonymous with nature, green is associated with good fortune, health and harmony.

Yellow Nature's happiest shade represents optimism, joy and enlightenment, whether used bright or light.

Orange A fun, flamboyant shade with mood-boosting properties, orange radiates warmth and positive energy.

Red The attention-grabbing hue is associated with love, desire, strength and passion.

Pink The colour of romance, pink is considered fun, happy and playful.

Purple A regal shade that represents dignity, pride and success, purple is both calming and stimulating.

White The classic colour projects purity, sincerity and innocence and is associated with fresh beginnings.

Outdoor Weddings

... as will these hidden meanings of some flowers ...

Alstroemeria - Devotion

Amaryllis - Pride

Carnation - Love

Chrysanthemum - Hope

Crocus - Cheerfulness

Daffodil - Chivalry

Dahlia - Good taste

Daisy - Innocence

Delphinium - Courage

Freesia - Trust, calm

Gardenia - Grace

Gerbera - Purity

Farm Style Weddings

Gladioli - Natural grace

Gypsophila - Everlasting love

Hydrangea - Boastfulness

Iris - Affection

Heidelberg Wedding Venues

Jasmine - Good luck, grace

Lily - Beauty, virtue

Magnolia - Dignity

Narcissi - Egotism

Orchid - Ecstasy, love charm

Pansy - Thoughtfulness

Peony - Happy life

Poppy - Dreaminess

Ranuculus - Charm

Rose - Love, happiness

Rosemary - Remembrance

Sunflower - Loyalty

Sweet pea - Lasting pleasure

Tulip - Love

Violet - Faithfulness

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