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Bare Beauties

Behold the rise of the naked cake: Fondant-free and fabulous!

Credenda Wedding Venue

“Naked cakes are a gorgeous statement: simple and elegant, yet so striking… They are flexible in design – match them to any theme or feel. Another benefit is that there isn’t too much icing or fondant (not everyone has a sweet tooth), so it’s a perfect balance of flavours.” – Kaylee Haman, Plum Tree Cakes

“The naked cake has taken the world by storm! I would definitely recommend it as an option to couples who are looking for a rustic, organic, natural look for their wedding cake. Fresh flowers, berries and coulis are great options for dressing it up.” – Maggi Badenhorst, Edible Art Cakes

“Naked cakes are a refreshing choice for weddings as they look decadent and appetising without layers of icing (guests can’t wait to grab a slice!). Remember that cakes without icing tend to dry out a lot faster; so don’t leave it late to serve the cake – offering it as an accompaniment to pre-dinner drinks is ideal.” – Kate de Waal, Sugar ‘n Ice

Credenda Wedding Venue

“Naked cakes remind me of the delicious ones my grandmothers used to make: good, old-fashioned, layered sponges – unpretentious, but beautiful. I love that they’re so easy to dress up (think fresh flowers, berries, cute wooden figurines and bunting); ideal for the DIY bride.” - Annari Nel, Nelle Cakes

“A naked cake… has to be perfect from the inside out; it has nowhere to hide! Naked cakes have to be devoured on the day: there are more fragile and often contain fillings such as fresh cream, mousses and cream patisserie. Make the cake as formal or informal as you like by adding chocolate paste roses or keeping the look simple just with a smear of cream and fresh fruit.” – Kanya Hunt, The Hunt House Kitchen

“The naked cake trend is huge in Europe. If you like more icing

on your cake, we suggest you leave a bowl on the side so that it looks deconstructed.” – Linda Lipschitz, Belle’s Patisserie

“The nostalgic feel of a ‘home-baked’ cake ties in with the move towards couples simplifying their special day while focusing on quality. Serving the cake after the ceremony is popular – this style of cake lends itself to incorporating a flavour to match the welcome drink (think Pimms and Peach Blinis). These cakes are gluten free and can also be made to suit vegans.” – Renee Lee, Magnolia Bake & Cake

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