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Wedding makeup

Your wedding day is not the day to try a smoky eye if you usually go natural, r to go with a pale rose lip when you have a bright red signature pout. You want flawless, glowing skin and to keep your look simple and classic: your wedding day is less about following trends and more about working with what you have.

The best wedding make-up is the kind that makes you look like the best version of yourself. For tips to help you glow, read on…

Eye envy

Smoky eyes can be a great focal point, but it’s best to tone it down for your big day. Opt for greys, plums and browns instead of black. As a guide, use the darkest colour closest to your lashes, the next darkest on your lids towards your eye socket and the lightest colour just under your brow. Gently blend all the colours. Smudge a grey, plum or brown pencil into your lash line and add loads of mascara to seal the deal. Remember eyebrows play an important role in finishing off your look, so make sure yours are well groomed and shaped.

TIP: For a wide-eyed look, apply a dab of the lightest colour to the inner corners of your eyes and a darker colour to the outer, lower lid.

Lip Smacking

From cheek-kissing aunties to locking lips with your groom, your lips will be working overtime on your big day, so make sure they are in good condition. You’ve probably been wearing lipstick since your teens, so by now you should have a pretty good idea of what shades suit you best. If you’re unsure, opt for a rosy hue, which tends to flatter most skin tones. Glosses are ultra-fashionable and can glam up a look instantly, but avoid super-shiny and ultra-glossy formulas with a sticky finish. Opt for pretty, gentle gloss or go for a satin-finish lip stain or balm instead.

TIP: Add a dab of gloss to the centre of your bottom lip and blot together for a gentle shine.

Get glowing

A flawless, glowing complexion is the ultimate picture of health and radiance. For your wedding day, you want to create a dewy look that doesn’t have an oily finish. Achieve this by adding illuminators to your skin where the sun would naturally hit, like your forehead, cheekbones, nose and collarbones. If you have a paler skin, opt for an eggshell colour, while darker skins suit more golden hue. If you’re afraid of overdoing the glow, go for a primer instead – it will give you the radiance you need without any glow.

TIP: Don’t get carried away – apply your illuminator in small areas a little at a time.

Blushing bride

Beautiful wedding makeup

Add a pop of colour to your cheeks for a youthful bloom. If you have an oval or long face, simply smile and brush the blush onto your cheekbones. For a round, square or heart-shaped face, sweep your brush just under your cheekbones to achieve a more flattering result. Choose a cream blush for a fresh finish and a pretty pink for a burst of happiness. If you want a more sophisticated look, opt for a bronzer across your cheeks instead. Fins one that has two shades: use the darker tone on the apple of your cheek and the lighter one just above your cheekbone to act as a highlighter.

TIP: After applying blush to your cheek, swipe the brush along your neck and décolletage to give both some subtle colour.

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