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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

Farm Weddings


Cut out one of the courses. If you have plenty of hors d'oeuvres you can cut the starters. Or, cut the dessert course and serve your wedding cake instead.


If you want the dramatic effect of a tiered cake, ask your cake maker to incorporate a false layer or two. Usually a lot of the cake goes to waste.


Have a small cake for the cake-cutting ceremony serve slices of plain sheet cake from the kitchen. 24. Order a simple, less pricey cake and decorate it with a cute cake topper, origami or ribbons.


Rethink the traditional wedding cake. These days a lot of brides are going for a savoury 'cheese cake', made out of rounds of cheese. Serve it with paté, crackers and fruit.


Sites usually charge extra for toasting bubbly. Opt for a less expensive sparkling wine or give it a miss altogether - people will raise a glass of whatever they are drinking.

Outdoor wedding venue


Bring your own bar. If your venue allows it, buy liquor directly from the wine farm or liquor store.


The bar tab can set you back quite a bit. Make it more affordable by supplying wine, beer and cool-drinks and having a cash bar for the hard liquor. Or, put a limit on your bar tab.


Stock the bar with more economical house brand spirits and local beers.

30. If you are paying by consumption, have waiters ask before refilling glasses, and make sure they don't pre-open bottles.

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