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101 COST-CUTTING TIPS! continued

farm wedding


Before committing to a venue, ask about hidden costs – some sites charge to cut your cake or uncork your champagne.


Pick a venue that is fully furnished, like a hotel or a restaurant. You’ll save a fortune by not having to rent it all.


Say no to big-city prices and have your wedding on a rustic farm or in a nearby small town.


A fabulous chicken entrée or an exotic vegetarian risotto will cost you much less that a beef fillet or seafood main.

Family farm meals


Select a venue where you can bring your in caterers – you’ll have more say over the menu and rate per head.


Use expensive ingredients in smaller portions – serve them as hors d’oeuvres rather than your main course.


Breakfast, brunches and afternoon teas are less expensive than serving dinner – and people tend to drink less.


Save on waitstaff charges by having a buffet instead of a plated menu.


A cocktail affair is generally less expensive than a sit-down dinner.


Serving your meal family-style in big dishes on the table allows you to serve reasonably priced, festive dishes, loke paste, polenta, and risotto.

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