December 31, 2018

1.  Dahlias are the new peony and vivid, dark, moody floral palettes will be the go-to for brides, lushly arranged in a selection of eclectic vintage and modern vessels. 

2. Balloons, candles, tapered candles instead of flowers. 

3.  Simple, clean-lined decor elemen...

December 27, 2018

We’re totally spoilt with a wide array of wines

to choose from in South Africa.  But with that,

comes the conundrum of what to opt for.  Crispy, fruity, zesty, heavy chocolate, white or Cab Sav…

WHITE:  We recommend you choose a crisp Sauvignon Blanc for your white-w...

December 20, 2018


Oh, what beauty and abundance!  Baby veggies and roast lamb are popular main ideas, while dessert is a table full of mini desserts enshrouded with edible blossoms.  Go wild with coconut, gooseberries, bananas and l...

December 14, 2018

1.  French loaf sleeve

This clever design doubles as a menu and as a sleeve for your dinner roll.

2.  Wine-bottle menu

Up for a DIY project?Print our reception menu on adhesive labels and stick them on the bottles of wine you’ll be serving with dinner.

3.  French frie...

December 6, 2018

The date is set, the venue’s booked and it’s time to get started on the fun stuff.  But as much as you’d like to think one YouTube tutorial will turn your fiancé into a qualified carpenter, and that with enough willing bridesmaids you can make anything, it’s best to be...

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